Current Trustees


2018-19 Officers:
Chairman: Wilbur Lewis
Vice Chairman: Shaun Bennett
Secretary: Heather Beck
Treasurer: Mike Warden
Trustee Roster: 
Alcorn, Tim
Below, Jacqueline
Bennett, Shaun*
Brubaker, Kevin
Bruck, Ken
Cooper, John
Dixon, Larry*
Doan, Terry

Duffy, Jack

Fenik, Ken
Gallagher, Rick
Gebhardt, Tim*

Given, Rob

Hudnutt, Bill

Johnson, Tim
Kirsh, Steve
Kuchta, Phil
Larrick, Brett
Lewis, Wilbur*

Piazza, Dominic

Reaser, Tony*
Reighley, Tom
Russo, Carol
Russo, Tom
St. Marie, Matt*
St. Marie, Paul
Sunagel, Steve
Thomas, Bryan

Thomas, Greg

Wallace, Heather*

Warden, Mike*
Zidek, Rob*
 * Executive Board
Honorary/Emeritus Members:  Marcia Hersman, Tory McGuire, Bob Slager.
If you’d like to be considered as a Trustee for the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame, please contact one of the current trustees for an application or send an email to: