2015 Ring of Honor

Our past inductees have been very generous with their donations to the ESHOF. The Ring of Honor helps the Hall of Fame give scholarships to eligible High School Athletes from our four high schools in Elyria — Elyria High School, Elyria Catholic, Open Door Christian and First Baptist.  The Trustees of the Hall of Fame thank these past inductees for their generous support.

The 2015 Ring of Honor includes:

Brooke Bader, Steve Bankson, Barry Diedrick, Wayne Diederich, Russ Doan, Ken and Allison Fenik, Mike Fischer, Bill and Karen Gast, Jerry Gilbert, Bob and Shirley Guinta, John Husband, Hank Janowicz, Jerry Klyop, Brett Larrick, Steve and Gayle Lengel, Wilbur Lewis, Robert Leshnak Jr., Chuck Machock, Jack Matia, Donald Morris, Ashley Anderson Petit, Jim Rattay, Chris Reinhardt, James Ross, Carol and Tom Russo, Joe Savoy Insurance Group, Bob Slager, Gary and Ashley Stevenson, Randy Stevenson, Jay Underman, Bob Walsh, Jim Westbrook, Edward Wingard, Amy Schloss Yates, Cliff and Cheryl Zunis.